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‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Star D’Andra Simmons Shows Us How She Gets Her Beauty Sleep

“We don’t mess around here in Texas,” D’andra Simmons explained, as she started her extensive nighttime skincare routine. “This is the land of the beauty queens!” The Real Housewives of Dallas star, 52, invited Us Weekly into her luxurious bathroom to show Us how she gets her beauty sleep. Watch the video above to see how it’s done!

First Things First: Makeup Removal

After pulling her hair back in a scrunchie, D’Andra applied her Hard Day Good Night’s Hydrating Cream Cleanser. “I’m gonna do this with a dry face, but then I’m gonna get it wet,” she showed Us. “The great thing is it’s not only cleansing and luxurious, but it also removes eyelashes, debris, dirt, makeup, anything from your face.”

“I like to follow that up with just a little bit of the exfoliating gel cleanser from Hard Night Good Morning just to make sure I have removed all of the makeup, the debris,” she said. “Sometimes when I’m filming I have a lot of makeup on, so it just gives me that extra reassurance that I’ve gotten it all off.”

So Fresh and So Clean

Now that she was fresh faced, the reality star shared her next step: “My detox toner from Hard Night Good Morning, this restores my pH balance.”

Before applying any moisturizer, Simmons walked Us through her “arduous” tooth brushing process.

“Brushing my teeth for me is a little bit of a long process because my mother was a dental hygienist. So I sit here and literally brush my teeth for three, four minutes, which I’m not going to have you bear with that process,” she told Us. “I use Sensodyne Pro Enamel toothpaste, I do have a little bit of sensitive gums and teeth and an oral B electric toothbrush. So now starts my three or four minutes. See you soon after that!”

‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Star D’Andra Simmons

Immunity Booster

“Before I’m going to bed, I take this LKB support, which is liver, kidney, bladder support. And we make it at our company, Ultimate Living. So I take two of these before I go to bed. I actually take about two to six a day, depending on the day,” Simmons explained. “ I just made it in January because I had COVID in December. So I was looking for something to really help me and this product really does. So I take two because at night when you’re in bed, you’re detoxing, you’re actually detoxing between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. so you want to make sure that you’re in bed by that time because your liver, kidney and bladder is filtering and detoxing throughout your body.”

Time to Chill Out

As Simmons moves to the bedroom, she pointed out a must-have gadget for her that she keeps on her nightstand.

“You’ll see here that I have little aroma therapy machine and I’ve already put my lavender essential oil in the machine before I came to bed because it helps me sleep,” she said. “And as we get older, we have a little kind of irritation trying to get sleep — menopause, things like that. And lavender just calms and chills you out from your stressful day.”

Source: US Weekly


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