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Beyond Beautiful: Dr. Vu Ho

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Beyond Beautiful: Dr. Vu Ho


September 2023



Nothing like a touch up at @beyondbeautiful_drvuho with @bodyandbotox by Acacia! 💋💕
I get all my filler, injectables and laser done from Dr. Ho’s office in Plano and send all of my friends and @mommadeesimmons there! Get excited Dallas because an Uptown location is coming soon. I look forward to seeing everyone at the new office opening, so if you want to be invited hit me up on DM and I’ll let you know the date time and location ✨
Book a service on! 💉
#beyondbeautiful #drho #filler #injectable #botox #plano #dallas #uptown #aesthetics #skintightening #cosmetics #procedures #lips #texas

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