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D’Andra Simmons reconnecting with her family

by Amanda Cline

During season 5 of The Real Housewives of Dallas, the Hard Night Good Morning founder D’Andra Simmons has been dealing with some of the repercussions of her decisions. Most notably, the decision to take her brother, Ross, to court to contest the will of her late father, who we do not know much about.

In her words, her father left one will that left her the entire estate, while he left another will that left her step-mother and Ross the estate. When he sadly committed suicide, there was a fight over the money and the various terms of the wills.

In the fight over his lofty estate, D’Andra and Mama Dee Simmons became estranged from the other part of their family. They have not spoken to one another in many years, but Ross recently had a child of his own, and his mother, Patsy, reached out to share the news with D’Andra. Now, D’Andra seems to want to reconnect with that part of her family.

It is important to note that we don’t know much at all about D’Andra’s biological father. Glenn Reuben Simmons married Dee when D’Andra was around six years old and she considered him a father.

The Real Housewives of Dallas star, D’Andra Simmons, is working on re-connecting with some of her estranged family.

While that is wonderful for D’Andra, it might not be that easy for Ross. “We have a legal battle, and we ripped each other’s throats out, hearts out, everything we had because my father left us in this situation,” she noted in an interview. D’Andra said that when she reached out to Ross to offer congratulations, his response was “perfunctory.”

But can you blame Ross? After all this time, D’Andra wants to mend these relationships that she essentially took part in destroying. If the fight was over the family estate that was all left to her, she could have split the estate. She could have shared the fortune with Patsy and Ross. Now that she is on The Real Housewives of Dallas, could this all just be for a storyline?


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