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'Real Housewives of Dallas': Who Was D'Andra Simmons Before The Show?

While fans have certainly grown to love 'RHOD' star, D'Andra Simmons, there is still a lot about her that viewers don't know.


The Real Housewives is no stranger to drama and the ladies of Dallas know exactly how to deliver just that!

As the women ended off their trip in Oklahoma, things went back to normal upon their return to Dallas, or so we thought! Only moments after arriving home, fellow cast member, D'Andra Simmons received a surprise email from her stepmother in hopes of restoring their relationship.

While fans know a lot about D'Andra's businesses and her relationship with her mother, Mama Dee, there is much about Simmons' past that viewers are curious about. So, who was D'Andra before RHOD? Let's find out!

Who Was D'Andra Before 'RHOD'?

D'Andra Simmons has been a full-time cast member on the Real Housewives of Dallas since its start back in 2016. While fans have certainly grown to love D'Andra, there is still a lot about her that viewers don't know.

During tonight's episode, the star received an email from her stepmother in hopes of rekindling their relationship. Not only does this open the door for D'Andra to mend ties with her other family, but it sparked a lot of interest amongst viewers, who now want to know more about the star's past.

Well, when it comes to Simmons family life, things weren't always easy. Prior to joining the show, D'Andra was a very well-known person across Dallas, mainly due to who her stepfather, Glenn Simmons, was.

Glenn was a famed Texas businessman who catapulted D'Andra and her mom, Dee, to great heights in the Dallas social scene, making D'Andra the "it" girl, however, it wasn't always so great.

The RHOD star has had quite a tumultuous upbringing, mainly when it comes to her biological father's side of the family. The star has made her woes with them very clear on the show, claiming that there is a lot of anger in regards to her late-fathers estate settlement.

While D'Andra has always kept a close relationship with her mother, despite them not always getting along, her relationship with her late father was very different. D'Andra's dad was an alcoholic who, unfortunately, took his own life only days after Simmons's first wedding.

"My other family kind of just resurfaced out of the blue," D'Andra said. "I don't think I ever shared with you when my father committed suicide, there was a big fight over the family estate," she revealed.

It turns out the fight has lasted for a very long time, as her stepmother and siblings are still out for money they feel they were cheated out of following the reading of the will.

Fans were able to see just how much her late father's alcoholism played a role in D'Andra's life, showing just how hot a topic it was when former RHOD co-star, LeeAnne Locken accused D'Andra of having a drinking problem.

In addition to her messy relationship with her dad's side, D'Andra has also had a very messy love life. The star has been engaged 13 times. Yes, you read that right, 13 times! While RHONJ star, Danielle Staub holds the record for a whopping 21 times, D'Andra doesn't fall too far behind.

While there is not much known regarding D'Andra's first husband, she made it clear that their wedding cost a staggering $1 million.

Despite her shortcomings, D'Andra has proven herself to be a hit on the Bravo show and has since gone on to become a very successful businesswoman, which she learned mainly from her past work employments.

Before joining the show, Simmons worked in government and even served for former President, George H.W Bush and George Bush. "I worked for President Bush. I've worked in major corporate jobs. People know that my background is in politics. My degree is in political science and I was going to be a lawyer," she said.

Her experience as an intern for past presidents, in law, politics, and federal government, it is no surprise that D'Andra has done well for herself, however, fans find it odd that she isn't too boisterous when it comes to her wild, yet fitting past.

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