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Get Your Skin Holiday-Ready with AminoBrite: The Award-Winning Skin Repair Product

Just in time for the holidays!  

My newest and now AWARD WINNING product at @hardnightgoodmorning is available for purchase! AminoBrite, was just named “THE BEST SKIN REPAIR PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” by The Beauty Innovation Awards!

This plant-based retinol alternative will transform and reinvigorate your skin. The light resurfacing serum brightens, firms skin and smoothes wrinkles, while reducing fine lines and age spots.

Full of powerful antioxidants that fight against inflammation and free radicals, this revolutionary formula also contains our unique ingredient, DCS Cellplex to increase collagen 1 production and plump skin.

As a friendly reminder all @hardnightgoodmorning products are vegan, cruelty-free, and @leapingbunnyprogram certified!

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