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'RHOD' Star D'Andra Simmons Reveals She Has Casts on Both Legs Following December Surgery

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

"My mother has always called me an accident going somewhere to happen, so she's absolutely right," said the Bravo star

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty

About a month after getting surgery and later contracting COVID-19, D'Andra Simmons has revealed that she currently has casts on both of her legs.

The Real Housewives of Dallas star appeared on Realitea with Derek Z on Friday, explaining that one of her casts is from a December foot surgery, and the other is from spraining her non-injured foot while hopping around.

"I had a full ankle replacement right before Christmas, and then I contracted COVID about 3 days later," she said.

Simmons, 51, said she's hopeful the cast from her surgery will be off soon and replaced with a "walking boot."

"So next week, I'm crossing fingers, I go back to the doctor, and he may put me in a walking boot, because it'll be two months," she said. "But in the meantime, I also injured my other foot because I sprained it hopping around, because I only have one foot."

"We have this ledge in the shower, and I hopped over it and slid and that was the end of that," she continued. "My mother has always called me an accident going somewhere to happen, so she's absolutely right."

Last month, Simmons was hospitalized with COVID-19 after her oxygen levels were found to be "borderline," her rep told PEOPLE at the time.

In an Instagram post on New Year's Eve, Simmons confirmed she was heading home from the hospital and thanked the staffers who cared for her during her stay.

"I want to send so much love and gratitude to all of the staff at UTSW Hospital," she wrote. "From the nurses, techs, doctors and everyone in between who helped me throughout my time at the hospital. I want to say THANK YOU for taking such good care of me and putting your own health on the line to make sure I recovered safely."

Originally posted from PEOPLE'S Magazine


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